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Rooting Powder

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Product Specification
Rooting Powder

Rooting Powder is powder formulation, having proper blend of root promoting hormones like

Indole butric acid IBA: Is needed for breaking dormancy of rooting bud It initiate rooting.

Alpha Naphthalene Acetic acid: IAA For rooting and flower induction

BAP- Benzyl Amino Purine. 6-BA. It is Cytokine. Used for better cell division to improve crop productivity.

Rooting powder brands are available Rootone /Seradix/Keradix/ Rootex: Used for better root formation in cuttings. Nursery mans tool for propagation. Generally 500-1500 ppm powder / solution is recommended. Dip lower ½ inch to 1 inch of cutting in powder and remove excess powder and plant cutting in rooting media soil.

Product Code : 25

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