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Cytokinins are also known as plant hormones because they stimulate cell division (i.e cytokinesis). Benzylaminopurine is an important cytokinin that stimulate a wide array of plant growth benefits: cell division, more side branches, basal shoot formation, bigger flowers and fruit set. 6-Benzylaminopurine also inhibits senescence (slow down ageing process)

Zeatin (Z), which was first isolated from maize (Zea mays) is the most common cytokinin. There are several other substances with cytokinin activity such as benzyl adenine(BA).

It is found that an application of 40-100 PPM of Benzylaminopurine was most effective in delaying plant senescense (death & ageing). It concluded that plant tissue death was reduced by about half. The exact mechanism by which this occurs is unclear but likely involves the ability of cytokinins to mobilize nutrients.
  • Promotes the light-induced formation of chlorophyll and conversion of etioplasts to chloroplasts (greening process)
  • Promote lateral bud, flowering & branching development
  • It increase the thickness of stems & increase the leaf surface
  • Promote cell expansion
  • It causes the plant to branch out similar by cutting the end of the branch without the damage that pruning would cause
  • If a branch is pruned, 6-Benzylaminopurine will generate more branches than pruning alone
  • Test of Anthurium plants, Ethephon, PBA and BA showed that the best results were 1000 PPM 6-Benzylaminopurine
  • Benzylaminopurine treated plants averaged 6 lateral shoots while untreated plants at 2.At the same time plant height was unaffected
  • More number of applications with the higher concentration
  • Benzylaminopurine used to generate bigger flowers and better fruits
Dose: 10-40 ppm. is recomended. Formulation of 1% ( 10 gm/lt) is recommended @ 1ml/lt water.


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