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Product Specification
Brassinosteroids were first isolated from pollen grain of rape flowers (Brassica sp). It has the following features
  • Chemical Name: 2a, 22R - Tetrahydroxy-24S-cymene-b-7 oxygen-5a gallbladder - 6 - ketone.
  • Brassinositiod: It is plant steroid
  • Molecular weight: 494
  • Solubility: Isopropyle alcohol, Methanol, chloroform and acetone
  • Non toxic: It is safe to human, birds and fish
What is Brassinolide
  • A new 6th generation plant growth hormone after Auxines, Gibberellins, Cytokinins, Ascissic acid, Ethylene.
  • It is polyhydroxy steroid.
  • It interact with GA in cell wall elongation.
  • It works independently to increase cell division.
  • It shows synergetic effect with many plant growth regulators.
  • It is effective at very low concentration say PPB (Parts per billion)
How it helps plant to grow better and yield more
  • Accelerated cell division and cell elongation, increases diameter, weight and size of fruits.
  • When used in combination with GA gives best results.
  • Cell wall expansion takes place.
  • Improves the fertility of reproductive organs when used at flowering stage.
  • Increase photosynthetic activity.
  • It keeps fruit green for longer time.
  • Seed weight increases, bolder seeds are produced.
  • Increase in plants resistant powers towards disease and harsh condition.
  • It helps plant to over come phyto toxicity effect of other chemicals.
  • It increases ability to resist drought.
  • New rooting comes out after spray.
  • It increase enzyme and hormone production in plants to help in more Sugar formation and more Nuclic Acid production.
  • Quality of fruit improves due to favorable factors. Such as more TSS, Brix, Ascorbic Acid etc.
  • GA is soluble in Brassinolide formulations. Used in combination.
  • Promotes early and uniform seed germination


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